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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-03Tackling Air Pollution.Javed, Omer (Dr.)
2020-09-01The Tariff Tripod of PakistanNasir, Jamil
2022-11-16Tax Havens What Needs to Be Done to Make them Accountable and Transparent?Agha Waseem Ahmed (Rlys Gp.); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2020Tax Reforms in PakistanBukhari, Huzaima; Haq, Ikramul
2020-09-01Tax Structure in PakistanKhalid, Mahmood; Nasir, Muhammad
2021-05-25Textile ExportsBusiness Recorder
2020Towards Empowerment of the Renewable Energy Sector in Pakistan for Sustainable Energy EvaluationKamran, Muhammad; Fazal, Muhammad Rayyan
2021-09-05Towards SAAF SME Lending.Khizar, Ali
2020Transforming the Power Sector in Developing CountriesIchord, Robert F. Jr.
2021-11-04Urban Resilience and Electricity Provision.Malik, Afia; Khawaja, M. Idrees
2022-11-25US Midterm Election – Effects on Pakistan.Mr. Nawazish Ali Khan Asim (T.I.) (CDA, M/o Interior); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-24Use of Dark Web in Pakistan’s Crime Scene: Drugs, Arms and Human Trafficking.Mr. Sharjil Kharal (PSP); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2013-01-01The Use of Drones: Legal Grey Area?Warraich, Ahmad Nazir
2021-06-01Water ConflictsRahman, Rashed
2021-05-25We ar at War with Covid, Says UN ChiefThe News
2022-11-15Whole of Government and Whole of Society Approach: A Cliché only or a Blue Print of Future Governance.Mr. Muhammad Asim (Info. Gp.); Dr. Naveed Ahmad Chaudhry (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-24Why We Have Failed to Tackle the Influx of Drugs and the Increasing Rate of Drug Addiction?Mr. Sohail Akhtar (SG); Ms. Sijal Tauseef Khan (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-24World Happiness Report: Happiness Index of Pakistan - A Critical Analysis.Mr. Nasrullah Jan (PA&AS); Dr. Naveed Ahmad Chaudhry (Sponsor DS)
2021-11-01World Politics Vol. 73 No. 1 January 2021Scharfstein, Joy M. (ed.)
2021-11-01World Politics Vol. 73 No. 2 April 2021Scharfstein, Joy M. (ed.)