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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-30Seizing Climate OpportunitiesSheikh, Ali Tauqeer
2022-01-06Shearing SheepAijazuddin, F. S.
2021-09-04Significance of Planning Commission.Ali, Farhat
2021-09-09Singapore and .Shenzhen Ports Blueprints for Gwadar Port Success.Khan, Jamil (Dr.)
2022-11-16Single National Curriculum (SNC): Assessing the Implementation to – Date.Malik Kamran Azam Khan (PCS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-15Slums and Katchi Abadis – Issues and Challenges.Mr. Imran Sikandar Baloch (PAS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-22Smog: Hitherto Coping Strategies and Way Forward.Syed Muhammad Jawad Murtaza Naqvi (ExC N. A. Secretariat); Ms. Sijal Tauseef Khan (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-24Social Movements as a Medium of Social Change - Case Study of Black Lives Matter Movement.Mr. Muhammad Bashir Khetran (SG); Dr. Naveed Ahmad Chaudhry (Sponsor DS)
2021-11-01Solar Wind Hybrid Projects.Ali, Syed Akhtar
2013South Asia 2060 : Envisioning Regional Futures-
2021-11-01South Asian Survey Vol. 27 No. 1 March 2020Basu, Sriparna (Dr.) (ed.)
2021-03South Asian Survey Vol. 28 No. 1 March 2021Basu, Sriparna (Dr.) (ed.)
2021-06-01Special Economic Zones (SEZs) InitiativeBaig, Hassan
2023-01-29Spokesman NAB’s Interaction with Mishal Pakistan.Mr. Nawazish Ali Khan Asim (T.I.) (CDA, M/o Interior); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2016-08-15Strategic Dimensions of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) 15-19 August 13th Executive Course ReportExecutive Development Institute
2023-01-28Streamlining the Process of Maintenance of Federal Government Residential Accommodations in Islamabad through Development and Implementation of a Systematic & Judicious Financial Management Strategy in CDA.Mr. Fahad Haroon Aziz (PA&AS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-11Street Protests in Pakistan: An Effective Way to Achieve Objectives in a Weak Governance System?Mr. Muhammad Imran Ali (FSP); Dr. Muhammad Ajmal (Sponsor DS)
2010Street-Level BureaucracyLipsky, Michael
2020-09-01Strengthening Pakistan's Trade LinkagesAkram, Adnan; Ghani, Ejaz; Din, Musleh Ud
2021-09-03Tackling Air Pollution.Javed, Omer (Dr.)