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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05-10A Nation OverwhelmedBajekal, Naina
2021-09-17Need for National Tax Academy.Haq, Ikramul (Dr.); Bukhari, Huzaima
2022-11-16Negative / Toxic Reporting on Electronic and Social Media -Effects on Mental Health.Mr. Janbaz Khan (FSP); Ms. Sijal Tauseef Khan (Sponsor DS)
2020-06-01Occupational Stress in Pakistan’s Mid-Level Bureaucracy: The Issue, Causes and its Manifestation.Sheikh, Shahid Rahim; Waheed, Jahanzeb; Khalid, Saif Ullah
2021-09-08Oil Refining Policy: A Refined Approach Needed.Ali, Syed Akhtar
2022-11-14Ominous Implication of Fake News and How to Deal With them.Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Ghani (SG); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2021-09-18Once Again PSEs under the Spotlight.Ali, Farhat
2018-10-17Operational Independence with More Accountability.Warraich, Ahmad Nazir
2015PakistanAmjad, Rashid; Burki, Shahid Javed
2011PakistanLieven, Anatol
2016PakistanLodhi, Maleeha
2003PakistanJones, Owen Bennett
2003PakistanZiring, Lawrence
2020-09-01PakistanAhmed, Muhammad Ashfaq
2014Pakistan 2025Pakistan Planning Commission
2001Pakistan : Founders’ Aspirations and Today’s RealitiesMalik, Hafeez
2020-07-01Pakistan Administration: A Journal of the National School of Public Policy Vol. 41 July 2020Sheikh, Shahid Rahim
2017Pakistan Agenda for Economic ReformsAhmed, Vaqar
2016Pakistan at the CrossroadsJaffrelot, Christophe
2020Pakistan Economic Survey 2019-20Pakistan Finance Division