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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-21Jinnah: His Successes, Failures and Role in History.Ahmed, Ishtiaq
2021-11-01Journal of South Asian Development Vol. 16 No. 2 August 2021-
2022-04Journal of South Asian Development Vol. 17 No. 1 April 2022-
2021-09-16Karachi: Economic Powerhouse.Zaidi, Syed Shabbar
2021-10-21Kashmir: closed chapter?Mahmud, Ershad
2022-11-16Leveraging Religious Tourism in Pakistan.Mr. Kazi Afzal (IRS); Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Akbar (Sponsor DS)
2021-11-03LNG Procurement Crisis.Khan, Jamil (Dr.)
2017Looking Back : How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger by 2050Ul Haque, Nadeem
2019-06-01Making People’s Lives Easier: Front End Bureaucracy for Delivery: Compensation, Training and Service Orientation.Sheikh, Shahid Rahim; Khalid, Saif Ullah; Waheed, Jahanzeb
2022-11-10Managing Flash Floods in Balochistan – What Works and What Does Not?Syed Haider Iqbal (PAS); Dr. Muhammad Ajmal (Sponsor DS)
2021-10-21Markets and disinformation.Husain, Ishrat
2008Military Control in PakistanAziz, Mazhar
2007Military IncSiddiqa, Ayesha
2000Military, State and Society in PakistanRizvi, Hasan Askari
2023-01-29Mis-Declaration in Transshipment and En-Route Replacement of Goods.Mr. Khalid Hussain Jamali (PCS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2021-05-10A Nation OverwhelmedBajekal, Naina
2021-09-17Need for National Tax Academy.Haq, Ikramul (Dr.); Bukhari, Huzaima
2022-11-16Negative / Toxic Reporting on Electronic and Social Media -Effects on Mental Health.Mr. Janbaz Khan (FSP); Ms. Sijal Tauseef Khan (Sponsor DS)
2020-06-01Occupational Stress in Pakistan’s Mid-Level Bureaucracy: The Issue, Causes and its Manifestation.Sheikh, Shahid Rahim; Waheed, Jahanzeb; Khalid, Saif Ullah
2021-09-08Oil Refining Policy: A Refined Approach Needed.Ali, Syed Akhtar