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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-01Factors Impacting on FY 22 BudgetsPasha, Hafiz A.
2021-06-01Farmers Reject New Sugar ActExpress Tribune
2021-06-03FBR Delineates Key Features of New E-Audit SystemBusiness Recorder
2022-11-10Fighting for the Rights of Transgender Community in Pakistan: Role of Media and Civil Society.Mr. Ghazi Rahman (ExC. NAB); Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Akbar (Sponsor DS)
2021-11-04Financing Climate Transition.Husain, Ishrat (Dr.)
2021-05-25Financing Social Protection without Incurring DebtRiazuddin, Riaz
2022-11-16Flood Crisis 2022 in Pakistan: Donor Fatigue and Options for State and Civil Society.Dr. Mirza Ali Mahsud (Secretariat Group); Dr. Muhammad Ajmal (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-25Focusing on Rural Development Learning From Chinese Experience.Mr. Iqbal Dara (PSP); Ms. Sijal Tauseef Khan (Sponsor DS)
2021-03Foreign Affairs - January/February 202 1 - Volume 100, Number 1Editor, Gideon Rose; Executive Editor, Daniel Kurtz-Phelan
2021-01Foreign Affairs - November/December 2019 - Volume 98, Number 6Editor, Gideon Rose; Executive Editor, Daniel Kurtz-Phelan
2019-01-01Foreign Affairs January-February 2019 Vol. 98 No. 1Rose, Gideon (ed.)
2020Foreign Affairs January-February 2020 Vol. 99 No. 1Peterson, Peter G.
2019-07-01Foreign Affairs July-August 2019 Vol. 98 No. 4Rose, Gideon (ed.)
2020Foreign Affairs July-August 2020 Vol. 99 No. 4Peterson, Peter G.
2019-03-01Foreign Affairs March-April 2019 Vol. 98 No. 2Rose, Gideon (ed.)
2020Foreign Affairs March-April 2020 Vol. 99 No. 2Peterson, Peter G.
2019-05-01Foreign Affairs May-June 2019 Vol. 98 No. 3Rose, Gideon (ed.)
2020Foreign Affairs May-June 2020 Vol. 99 No. 3Peterson, Peter G.
2020Foreign Affairs November-December 2020 Vol. 99 No. 6Peterson, Peter G.
2020Foreign Affairs September-October 2020 Vol. 99 No. 5Peterson, Peter G.