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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-07Analytical Review of the Role of Superior Judiciary in Deciding Political Questions.Sahibzada Abdul Mateen (IRS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2023-01-29Mis-Declaration in Transshipment and En-Route Replacement of Goods.Mr. Khalid Hussain Jamali (PCS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-14Ominous Implication of Fake News and How to Deal With them.Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Ghani (SG); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-10Provision of Safe and Clean Drinking Water. Is it Still an Elusive Dream? A Case Study of Punjab.Mr. Asif Aijaz Shaikh (PSP); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-16The Recent Spate of Audio / Video Leaks - What Are its Moral, Legal and Security Dimensions? What Way Forward?Mr. Khaleel Ibrahim Yousfani (PCS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-23Reverse Discrimination: Case for Gender, Disability and Minorities.Mr. Tariq Mahmood Koreja (PA&AS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-22Revival of Pakistani Music through Fusion and other Techniques: How Promising it is?Rana Muhammad Rafique Khan (ML&C. Gp); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-21Robustness of Pakistan’s Governance Framework Exposed Amidst Deepening Political Crisis.Dr. Naeem Rauf (PAS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-16Single National Curriculum (SNC): Assessing the Implementation to – Date.Malik Kamran Azam Khan (PCS); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2023-01-29Spokesman NAB’s Interaction with Mishal Pakistan.Mr. Nawazish Ali Khan Asim (T.I.) (CDA, M/o Interior); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-16Tax Havens What Needs to Be Done to Make them Accountable and Transparent?Agha Waseem Ahmed (Rlys Gp.); Ms. Ambreen Raza (Sponsor DS)