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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-09Quality of Teaching Staff in Public Sector Educational Institutions – Is it an Issue of In-Service Training or Lack of Monitoring and Accountability?Mr. Muhammad Farid Afridi (Election Commission); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-10Investment in Real Estate Sector: Winners and Losers?Mr. Khalid Hussain Jamali (PCS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-15Slums and Katchi Abadis – Issues and Challenges.Mr. Imran Sikandar Baloch (PAS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-18Resurgence of TTP: A Local Phenomenon or a New Chapter of Trouble in Pakistan -Afghanistan Relations.Ms. Sameena Fayyaz (PA&AS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-25US Midterm Election – Effects on Pakistan.Mr. Nawazish Ali Khan Asim (T.I.) (CDA, M/o Interior); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-21Increasing Number of Beggars on the Roads of Lahore.Mr. Saqib Ali Ateel (Govt. of Punjab); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-22Role that Social Science Education can Play in Promoting Civic Ethics.Mr. Shahid Javed Malik (PSG); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2022-11-24Use of Dark Web in Pakistan’s Crime Scene: Drugs, Arms and Human Trafficking.Mr. Sharjil Kharal (PSP); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2023-01-28Streamlining the Process of Maintenance of Federal Government Residential Accommodations in Islamabad through Development and Implementation of a Systematic & Judicious Financial Management Strategy in CDA.Mr. Fahad Haroon Aziz (PA&AS); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)
2023-01-29Impact of Merger of FATA on Governance and Managing the Change: The Case of South Waziristan and Kurram Tribal Districts.Mr. Muhammad Javed Marwat (Govt. of KP); Mr. Nadeem Mahbub (Sponsor DS)